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I summarize our work for you.

We know how you can make a treatment with medicinal plants work for you in a specific situation without taking a big box of pills.

Or take as few as possible.

And what we do is to provide quality information to people who give importance to that.


Some people don’t even think about it and blindly jump on the first article or YouTube video they find, well, fine.

From my point of view, not the best option.

Others, however, know that this is the most important pillar and that their health is not to be trifled with.

Taking care of yourself in a natural way, improving your health with plants and teaching you not to depend on synthetic drugs, is what we are dedicated to.

Yes, that’s me, the CEO, the one with the hair and the plants, hi there!

And if in addition to being «herbalist» you want to learn how to grow those medicinal plants that are more useful in your day to day life, you are in the right place.

We also talk about that.




Our fundamental principle as pharmacists is to help you improve your health in a natural way in order to prevent future diseases and lead a healthy life.


We will give our best to help you and support you in every step, being 100% available. Together we will achieve your goals in a natural way.

Customized analysis

Before starting, it is very important to know your profile and objective. In this way we will determine a personalized action plan.


The learning process is continuous as well as the follow-up. We don’t want you to have any doubts.

Practical and quality methodology

Our intention is to teach you in the most practical way possible, following a strategic, dynamic and effective methodology. We follow the philosophy of «learning by doing» and we consider very important the truthful and contrasted information.

All this has led us to have a MISSION:

Helping you on the path to becoming your best version of yourself, taking care of your health in the way you have always wanted while living in harmony with plants.



Raúl Miguel

CEO, Pharmacist & Founder

Digital entrepreneur, traveler and passionate about medicinal plants. His team and him have already helped more than 150 people from different countries to not depend so much on synthetic medicines and learn to use herbal medicine.
He likes challenges and the satisfaction of DIY, «Do It Yourself».


Andrea Germanet

Designer & Social Media Specialist

Multipotential, organized and with an overflowing energy.
The engine of our projects and a great uruguayan traveler.
Full of imagination, always ready for action and a great nature lover.
She will always be ready to help you.

Mate lover.


David Miguel

Filmaker & Video-editor

Specialized in editing sports, nature, commercials, corporate videos and social media content. He considers himself a visual storyteller and is always looking for ways to tell exciting and emotional stories through his work. He ensures that each project is visually stunning and effectively communicates the intended message.



Pharmacist & Herbs specialist

Pharmacist specialized in medicinal plants with a great passion for nature and music. She strongly believes in the healing power of plants and strives to promote healthy living through their use. In addition, she loves nature and enjoys spending time outdoors. She also plays the piano and finds music to be a great source of inspiration and balance in her life.




I really love sunsets…


I introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Raul and I’m the pharmacist founder of Planta Tu Salud.

I´m focused on the natural field.

Since my first year of my degree I heve been dreaming about dedicating myself in some way to medicinal plants.

The truth is that I saw it as something a bit unattainable, why would anyone pay attention to me talking about plants?

After all, the classic expected life for a pharmacist is to cut coupons and sell condoms behind a counter or to be just another worker at the mercy of any multinational pharmaceutical company.

But in spite of that, I did not let reality tarnish my illusions.

Wanting to pursue my dream, after finishing my degree in Pharmacy in Madrid, I still didn’t know how to orient this whole subject of medicinal plants.

So I ended up working in different pharmacies.

And the truth is that there was work, but with little or nothing to do with the natural world, it was not my job, let’s say, ideal.

Long, boring days with very little communication with the patient and their natural options. It was more about selling than finding out if there were any alternative natural options.

It was very frustrating.


Even as a young child, with significant sleep problems, valerian was a great help without having to put me on infantile benzodiazepines that were not super recommended.

The energy and relationship with the natural world was there from the very start.

Before I started this company, everything I did with medicinal plants was to improve my health and the health of my loved ones, as well as lending a hand in whatever I could with their cultivation.

I knew that I had a certain «green thumb», but it seemed that the world had no use for something like that.

Those were very intense moments, where I was about to surrender. Giving up and surrendering to what the system expected of me.

Trying to improve things and understand my path, I undertook different trainings and trips to different places.

I went through Manchester, Lisbon, Rome, Santiago de Chile, Peru, I went to the Amazon, Colombia, Mexico…


Raul - Sobre mí

Walking through a Colombian coffee plantation is a unique and very educational experience!

Little by little things changed, it was not overnight, nor was it a product of luck.

I dedicated a lot of time and money to continuing my education and expanding my knowledge that I had learned at University.

And not only to learn as much as possible about medicinal plants.

Also to be able to transmit it in a clear and effective way that could really change the perspective of anyone who trained with me.

And in the beginning of 2020, in the middle of the world collapse, Planta tu Salud was born.

They say that out of great crises, interesting things come out, right?



We are here to help people to take care of their health in a more natural way through the proper use and cultivation of medicinal plants.

Recovering information that seems to have been taken away from us over time about the power of herbal medicine.

All this would not be possible without the incredible team of the Company:

Designers, video editors, communication, pharmacists who are experts in phytotherapy, women medicine from the other side of the world, cultivation professionals associates….

If you want to go directly to our training programs, take a look here

Well, after all this journey, I think I can tell you something about medicinal plants that will help you and save you time and money so you don’t have to go through what I went through.

I also like hiking, surfing, being with my family and being alive.

If you also like to be with your loved ones and that both you and them live as long as possible and that your stay on this planet is extended as long as it has to be extended naturally.

Maybe you should subscribe.

It’s free and you get a herbal guide….

You can do it at the bottom of this page.

I email people who subscribe and tell them about plants.

It may sound weird, but that’s the way it is.

And hey, after more than 2 years, people are still there. Also if you don’t like it, you unsubscribe for free.

And move on.



Discover the properties, uses and cultivation of 7 essential medicinal plants for your herbal medicine cabinet.



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